Design Services

I offer a full range of design services ranging from logos and branding, web & digital design.


I can also work as part of your design team on a freelance basis; creating your digital or print artwork while ensuring brand guidelines are followed.


Logo + Branding

Are you a new business or established and moving on to the next phase? I can help you with the creation of a brand new identity for your business or can refresh your existing identity and logo to give you a brand to be proud of.

Web Design

Do you need a website for your new business? Or perhaps your original site no longer meets your business aims and values. I can work with you to create a professional and responsive site to meet your business goals and represent your brand.

Graphic Design

Ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints whether Digital or Print. I can create artwork for use on social media, email marketing platforms, flyers, brochures, blogger media kits; whatever you need to support your business.

Design Process


I love working on visual identity + web design projects and can help with the creation of a brand new identity for your business or can refresh your existing identity or logo.

With increasing competition in various sectors, first impressions count and your identity matters. It’s important to have a professional front for your business and one that can represent your key values and attract your target market. My process varies depending on the requirements of the project but is usually along these lines.

1. Research

I will work with you to understand your target market, and gain a clear idea of your key values, USP and how you wish to be perceived. We’ll review your competitors branding, website and digital presence as well as  these are all crucial in developing your identity and will help to create a successful outcome. If you already have an identity we will look at what works and what doesn’t and why. We will collect inspiration and discuss its relevance.

2. Idea Generation

Now is the time for sketching and thumbnails, trying to make sense of the research and your business goals. Generating ideas for a possible logo, or website layout and exploring potential color schemes. During this phase I will send you between 3-5 moodboards to set the direction for the project. We will discuss them and find the direction and tone of voice that is right for your business.

3. Development

At this point we’ll have chosen a direction to take forward, we’ll develop and polish it further. We’ll also work on any brand elements if required, for example illustrations or patterns to really enhance your brand feel and give your business a unique and cohesive look.

4. Realisation

We can roll out your new brand across all touch points, and you’ll have your brand guidlines which we will follow now and in the future. Colour pallete, typefaces, logo and variations (if required). We’ll have discussed print finishes that may elevate your brand and help you stand out from the crowd and I can even work with printers on your behalf.

I will send you all the artwork files ready for print (.ai, .pdf) or for digital media (.jpg, .png).

From here we can design your website, create your social media and email assets and any other collateral you made need including banners, brochures, flyers etc.

Are you ready to get started?



I’ve tried to answer some frequently asked questions here, but feel free to get in touch and ask me anything else.

I think I need branding as well as a website can you help?

Yes I can. For a consistent look and feel I recommend that you do both together. However if you have already worked with a brand designer I would be very happy to follow your new brand guidlines and implement these with your new website.

Do you create other business collateral as well? Ie. for social media, mailchimp, brochures

Yes – I can do all this and any other design work you require, be it banners, flyers, stickers and so on. Just let me know what you need and I will work with you to achieve your aims.

Do I need to reserve a domain name?

Yes you do – If you don’t already have a domain registrant I recommend they are based in the UK and are very helpful.

*Note I am not affiliated to LCN in anyway.

I would like a branded email address - can you help with this?

I don’t offer email hosting, however I can recommend and their small business package. They are based in the UK and their support is very good should you need it. I can however make the necessary DNS changes to point your email to one host and your website to another.

*Note I am not affiliated to LCN in anyway but I think their service is good value.

Do you offer website hosting?

Yes I do and I offer this service for £5 per month, including a free SSL certificate. I am a reseller and I choose them for the great support, reliable service and UK based servers.

Do you offer website care plans/maintenance?

Yes I do – Ongoing care and maintenance is important for your website to ensure that it is kept safe and secure. This service also includes managed hosting in addition to uptime monitoring and regular backups.

You can find more information here –

You can of course maintain your own website; the important thing is that it is updated regularily.

Will I be able to update my new website myself?

Yes you will, on completion of your website you will be give full access and a handover document to help you make changes as required be that changing text or images. I will also be on hand if you require any further assistance with this or more complex changes.

How do we get started?

Contact me and I will guide you through the process and can help you decide what needs to be done and how you can prepare so that everything runs smoothly. We can discuss if you need help with copywriting and photography and I can advise on this too and I can recommend photographers and copywriters.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payments for the project are split as follows. Once we’ve decided to work together I will send you an invoice for 30% of the project fee, this will secure your slot within my diary. On commencement of the project a further 35% will be payable and the final payment of 35% is due on release of final artwork and/or prior to go live of the website. If the latter two deliverables are released at different times then the final invoice may be split.

Do I need professional photography?

If your budget can stretch to it then I would always recommend professional photography, for a unique look tailored to you and your business and aimed at your target market, this is especially important if your business is product based.

Photography can really make or break your image in a world where first impressions count. Stock photography is also an option if your budget wont stretch to a professional photographer and there are many good stock sites out there, I can advise on this.

Can you help me with copywriting, I'm not confident writing the text for my website?

I don’t provide a copywriting service myself, however I can recommend some experts in this area to work with you. If it is important for you to be found via google and your budget permits then I would highly recommend using a copywriter that specialises in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and can perhaps also conduct keyword research.

How much time will I need to spend on this?

Every project and business is different, but for the most successful outcome and to make the most of your investment you will need to be prepared to invest your time during the process. You know your business best so it is important for you to be available during the course of the project, to complete the design questionaire, some homework regarding inspiration and styles, your website copy (with the help of a copywriter if required) and for feedback during the process; so you will also need to be able to access your email and other resources (Pinterest & dropbox for example). For this reason I highly recommend that the project is scheduled for when you can commit fully and not when you are likely to be away on holiday, this will avoid a rescheduling fee.

Let's Work Together!

If you have a new project and would like to work with me or need some advice about your project please get in touch and I'll endeavor to help. You'll find I'm friendly and approachable and would love to discuss your business goals.

I look forward to hearing from you.